Nasal Dilators


Our nasal dilators come in a box of 2 pieces (1x small and 1x large).

They are designed in soft and flexible PE, which allows for usage over extended periods, such as during sleep. Most common circumstances for use includes during sleep or during physical exercise, ie. walking, running, or gym training.

Depending on desired outcome, the nasal dilators provide a list of key benefits:

  • Expand nasal passage and allow for better oxygenation
  • Limit or cure snoring
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Improve peak performance
  • Accelerate the transition into habitual nasal breathing


Material: PE
Size: 1x small, 1x large
Color: Transparent



Ever since the beginning of the agricultural age, human airways have decreased in size. Today, we rely more on our oral passage (mouth) than the nasal (nose).



But the fact is, that the nostrils are designed to be our primary pathway for breathing. We know this, because oxygenation is more efficient when air gets through the nose. Moreover, our heart rates decrease, the same goes for our HRV, and the need for air will be lower when it goes through the nose. Nose breathing more effectively engages our vagus nerve, which is responsible for putting us in a parasympathetic (calm) state. This is why mouth breathers tend to experience anxiety and other mental health issues more frequent than nose breathers.
Additionally, our nostrils contain hairs, which act as filters for viruses and foreign particles. None of which are present with mouth breathing.

So why can we breathe through the mouth?

The answer is simple. During colds, allergies, etc., we evolved to have a backup channel, simply so we don’t suffocate and die. But the mouth was never meant to be the primary channel.

This has evolved into an epidemic of poor breathing. More and more people suffer from sleep apnea, respiratory issues, and lifestyle disease solely based on the fact that they breathe incorrectly. And believe it or not, but it all starts with snoring.



Snoring occurs when we hunger for air. It’s a mild suffocation that takes place over night, often with sleep-induced mouth breathing involved. This can be resolved simply by adapting to habitual nose breathing.

Another interesting (and terrifying) fact is, that mouth breathing overstimulates certain cheek muscles, which become taut and change shape. Over time, this alters the structure of the face in a remarkable less attractive manner.
Your face elongates, jaw muscles become less defined, eyes appear less alert (often more “lazy”), and chin retracts as a response of less space in the mandible. This is the direct cause of the need for wisdom teeth removal, since the human mouth no longer fits all its teeth.

All of these maladaptations both apply to males and females.

The solution is simple: become a nose breather.

It will enhance numerous aspects of your life, make your healthier, happier, and improve life quality. The Nasal Dilator helps accelerate this process by increasing the space in your nostrils, so that you, over time, never have to rely on your mouth again for breathing.

And yes, becoming a nose breather also enables you to reverse the damage that has accumulated through your life.


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