HM-1 Workshop, Denmark, April

April 15-17, 2023

Aug 30 - Sep 1, 2023

Are you eager to become a certified MT Performance Practitioner? Do you want to become able to teach other people in the system of MT Performance? Or are you just interested in enhancing your own being to live a long, capable, and pain free life?

The Human Mechanics workshop runs over three days in the heart of Denmark. During the three days Mads will thoroughly teach you the principles behind the system of MT Performance, and draw from his wisdom of knowledge behind his various principles of health. 
This includes: myofascial treatment (manual and self-treatment), the principles of correcting muscular and postural function, pain management, mental resilience, the foundation of breathing (advanced techniques and day-to-day breathing mechanics), mastering your biomechanics, and much more. 

There will be food included, Q&A gatherings, saunas, ice-bath sessions, and more.

Completion of the 10-Week Online Course is a prerequisite for attending the workshop.