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Circadian Night Glasses – Red

54,62 $


Should I choose the yellow, orange, or red lenses?

– If you are confused by which of the three variants of lenses to choose, here’s how they differentiate. In simple terms: the redder, the better an ability to block out sharp, cold, blue light. In essence, this means the redder the better.
However, the red glasses may be uncomfortable to some, as they literally convert all colors into red. The orange lenses are a bit lighter, and the yellow lenses even lighter. So depending on your preferences, each type serves a different function.
In comparison, I use all three. The yellow ones to dim indoor lights and during reading. The orange ones for medium light and screen exposure, and the red ones for heavy light and screen exposure (only night usage no matter type).


Our customized Circadian Night Glasses come with a box, case and cloth.

These designed with red lenses that match the most efficient color spectrum to block out as much of the harmful blue light as possible. They are designed as night glasses and should therefore only be worn during the late hours; approximately three hours before bedtime. In general, we don’t recommend using any kind of blue light glasses during the day! Many companies sell these types, which may be good for those who suffer from headaches from intense computer usage during the day, but apart from that, blue light, both artificial, but obviously primarily from the sun, is essential for calibrating your circadian rhythm.

The benefits of wearing our Circadian Night Glasses are simple, yet powerful:
– You will optimize one of the most important qualities of your life, which has been and continuously is being damaged by environmental factors: your sleep. Falling asleep, staying asleep and reaching stages of deep sleep will drastically improve as the blue light will no longer signal wakefulness to your brain during the late hours of the day.

Our glasses have been lab tested to confirm their efficiency. Test results are attached in the product gallery.

Material: PC
Size: One Size – Fits All / Unisex
Color: Matte black
Weight: 21 g.



Your sleep is controlled by your biological clock. An innate mechanical function in all species that regulates day and night and controls most biological processes in your body, including your sleep.

This is called the circadian rhythm.

The circadian rhythm is controlled by few essential external factors:
1. Temperature
2. Nutrition
3. Exercise
4. Light


Upon waking up, cortisol and serotonin are some of the hormones that are secreted as the byproduct of exposure to light. This mechanism is especially present if watching the sunrise. For the same reason, wearing sunglasses throughout the day should be avoided, as light signals wakefulness to the brain.

When night approaches and the sun sets, melatonin is the hormone that is secreted; the sleep hormone.
Darkness stimulates this process; a process that makes us sleepy.

Exposure to bright light in this period, such as smartphones, TV, LED light, or even street lights will inhibit this essential process, and instead keep signaling wakefulness to the brain.

As a results, stages of deep sleep will be postponed and sleep quality will therefore be significantly impaired.

Our Circadian Night Glasses block off the sharp blue light, and convert it into dark and warm yellow light, so the melatonin process won’t be impaired.


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