Human Mechanics

Millions of people suffer from depression, sleep complications, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and physical impairment despite increased lifespans. While we live longer, we live with less well-being. A culture has been formed where more and more people consider medication the only way out. However, it is far from the only way out. Human Mechanics paints a clear picture of the astonishing innate capabilities of the human body and provides concrete alternatives to how you can fulfill your health and well-being without the use of prescription pills. These solutions can be found through what Mr. Tömörkènyi considers the four main pillars of health: nutrition, breathing, movement, and sleep; each pillar is examined in great detail. In this groundbreaking book, Mr. Tömörkènyi reveals the secrets of our ancestors and today’s indigenous tribes who, despite the absence of modern medicine and technology, are living healthy lives without any of the same diseases that afflict the Westernized world. With a blend of historical perspectives and scientific evidence, Human Mechanics provides more than 70 programs, self-help protocols, and exercises, so you can experience firsthand the incredible benefits of digging deep into your biological potential.

About the Author:

MADS TÖMÖRKÈNYI is a Copenhagen-based biomechanics specialist and scientific researcher. He is the founder of the organization MT Performance. With more than 10 years of experience in his field, Mr. Tömörkènyi has been serving as an international speaker and coach for sporting leagues and clubs, including the UFC, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, La Liga, Mexican Liga MX, and others, whilst coaching a great number of the highest performing athletes in the world. He has devoted his career to enhance awareness of health on a global scale. In 2020, he founded an online education platform, the Human Mechanics Online Course, that in less than two years got thousands of students from more than 140 countries across the world (and growing).

“Mads Tömörkènyi is a visionary in the research and treatment of the human body. Human Mechanics is an essential read for everyone interested in the profound potential of human health, longevity and performance”

Former UFC fighter, K1 World Champion


“Mads’ mission to enhance our awareness of health, and how to get it, truly shines from the pages . . . He compares modern lifestyle hacks with the innate wisdom of our ancestors and draws from a deep well of research to provide straightforward answers about how we can live well for longer”

Author of The Oxygen Advantage


“Human Mechanics is an excellent tool for the everyday person to get much needed, more detailed approach to their own health”

Dentist, Author of The Dental Diet


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