» The human being is a remarkably advanced machine.
Unleashing its full potential will be a leap in the evolution of man.

Mads Tömörkènyi is a Copenhagen-based scientific researcher of biomechanics, neurophysiology and anthropology. With a background of sports science, anatomy and nutritional science, years of work in the field coaching a variety of the highest performing athletes on the globe, Mads discovered the way our greatest and best paid athletes are schooled is unsustainable and damaging, and resembles an overall pattern in how health is taught on a global scale.

In frustration, Mads began his new journey of research combined with his practical work with his athletes. The goal was to uncover why we tend to stagnate in health-related issues, and generally worsen the situation, than solving it. He merged neuroscience with nutritional science, ancient medicine, biomechanics, respiratory mechanics, and various types of treatments to integrate effective strategies into his practice to solve the given problem functionally and permanently, instead of mechanically and temporarily. His mission is to enable the next generation to enhance sleep, breathing, nutrition and movement with effective information and more practical tools to prevent or postpone the need for pharmaceuticals in the process.

As a passionate and dedicated health educator, Mads Tömörkènyi engages a wide variety of community and institutional programs to grow awareness of poor lifestyles, including serving as an international speaker and coach for sporting clubs and leagues, including the UFC, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, La Liga, Mexican Liga MX and numerous more. In 2020, he founded an online education platform, Human Mechanics Online Course, that people from more than 140 countries worldwide have already joined.

The complex human being is a mystery and we are still primitive in the process of uncovering its potential.
Mads will forever continue following the path of trying to unleash these mysteries and figure out ways to enhance life on Earth.

All this is the byproduct of MT Performance. The mission is to make a difference on a global scale; to improve lifespans, life quality and human biomechanics.

Move Intentionally, Think Independently


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