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The Grounding Mat is the latest addition to our shop, and a carefully designed conductive mat in a stylish look. Unlike most other mats, this mat remains flat and doesn’t bend in edges and corners over time.

The mat is conductive, meaning that you can plug a wire to it. One end of the wire will be connected to the mat, whereas the other will be connected to your nearest power outlet. The wire is of course included when you purchase the mat. Be aware that your residence must be grounded for the mat to properly work. However, this is the standard nowadays.

When the electrical system of your house/appartement is grounded and you connect our mat, which is made out of conductive fabric, a direct transfer is created from the Earth and into the mat; a transfer that replicates exactly what happens when you stand barefooted on the ground. An abundance of negative ions can thereby enter your body. This process is associated with enhanced sleep, counteracting EMF exposure, inflammation repair, less oxidative stress, increased energy, stabilization of biological rhythms and more.



Since the device is connected while grounded, you don’t have to worry about EMF exposure from touching the conductive mat.

So why use a mat to be grounded, when you can just go outside?
Personally, I work in my office indoor for numerous hours a day. I’m better of placing my feet on the grounding mat below my desk than not being grounded at all. Secondly, I live in the Northern hemisphere. It’s not many months a year, where I’m able to be grounded outside for the vast number of hours it requires to receive its benefits. So, unless you spend many hours barefooted outside every single day, an alternative as indoor grounding would be beneficial.

This also means that usage potential is extremely versatile. Whether you want to use it for office work, as a yoga mat, as playground for your kids, or even sleep spot for your pet, you just need a nearby power outlet to make it work.


So, what is human Grounding?

In short, as a bioelectrical being, the human body is capable of interacting with the electrical potential of the Earth. This only happens when we touch the Earth with our skin. Any artificial layers in between will shield that process.

When Grounding happens, a transfer of negative ions flows through the human body. Negative ions are in fact positive. They are abundant in nature, such as at beaches, natural springs, near waterfalls, during thunderstorms etc. They are the epitome of purity.

The opposite is applicable to positive ions, that are the byproduct of pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation, dust etc. Exposing ourselves to negative ions thereby counteracts the harmful effect of our exposure to positive ions.

So when standing barefooted on Earth, the non-interfered electrical connection between you and the Earth creates a continuous charge surface with the same electrical potential, illustrated above as the Umbrella Effect. The exact same effect that can be created by standing on the surface of the Grounding Mat.


Material: Conductive PU, synthetic rubber, electronic components
Size: 183*61*0,25 cm.
Color: Black and silver.
Weight: 2000 g.


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