Blackout Curtains Disturb Your Circadian Rhythm

By Mads TömörkènyiPublished August 6, 2022 Your circadian rhythm controls most of your biological processes and is governed by a structure in your hypothalamus called the suprachiasmatic nucleus. This structure receives signals based on light exposure, external temperatures, nutrition, and more.1 When we are exposed to light, then these light photons are transmitted through the […]

Your Chin Reveals Your Bad Habits

By Mads TömörkènyiPublished May 10, 2022 Our skulls are out-evolving us. Skeletal remains show that less than 300 years ago, it was common for humans to have straight, aligned teeth, wide jaws, flat palates, and large nasal passages, which are all signs of healthy breathing patterns. There is a rapid decline in the development of […]

MT Performance’s Principles of Health

Last updated May 11, 2022 DIET 1. Do not limit yourself. Limitation diets may benefit your conscience temporarily, but the psychological consequences of living a restricted life outweighs the potential benefits of the diet. Eat mostly good, but allow yourself to not give a **** once in a while. 2. Get as many micronutrients from […]