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Mads Tömörkènyi

» The human being is a remarkably advanced machine.
Unleashing its full potential will be a leap in the evolution of man.

Mads Tömörkènyi is a Copenhagen-based researcher specializing in biomechanics, longevity, and anthropology. With a background in anatomy, physiology, and sports science, and years of experience coaching top athletes worldwide, Mads recognized the unsustainable and detrimental nature of the methods used to train elite athletes, which reflected broader issues in global health education.

Driven by frustration, Mads embarked on a new research journey, combining his practical experience with athletes to understand why health issues often stagnate or worsen rather than improve. He integrated neuroscience, nutritional science, ancient medicine, respiratory mechanics, and various therapies to develop functional and long-lasting solutions instead of temporary fixes.

His mission is to empower the next generation with effective information and practical tools to enhance all aspects of health, aiming to delay or prevent the need for pharmaceutical interventions.

As a passionate health educator, Mads engages in community and institutional programs to raise awareness about unhealthy lifestyles. He also serves as an international speaker and coach for prestigious sporting clubs and leagues, including the UFC, Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, and Mexican Liga MX. In 2020, he founded the online education platform Human Mechanics Online Course, attracting participants from over 140 countries worldwide.

Recognizing the complexity of the human body and the ongoing exploration of its potential, Mads remains dedicated to uncovering our mysteries and improving life on Earth.

All of this work is under the umbrella of MT Performance, with a global mission to enhance longevity, life quality, and human biomechanics.


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